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Brand's Heritage

Jack Cakebread’s success began in the 1970’s with a hunch. Offering his $2,500.00 advance for a photography assignment of a Napa Valley book as down payment, Jack and his wife Dolores became the new owners of a Rutherform farm, known today as the prestigious Cakebread Winery.

Over the years, Cakebread Cellars have adopted and implemented innovative strategies and processes in winegrowing which include night-harvesting, whole-cluster pressing of white grapes just to name a few. In addition, Cakebread Cellars has also acquired modern machineries and equipment to help improve winemaking processes. Cakebread Cellars winery and vineyards are also green certified and they have always ensured to study new methods and techniques in generating and conserving energy. Vineyard managers utilize the newest technologies to enhance the efficacy of its organic and sustainable farming programs. As of 2011, 191 acres of a total 460 acres is Napa Green Land certified, and Cakebread Cellars plans to have all properties certified by 2014.

Family and Beyond

With over 30 years of winemaking experience, the once little family winery has become one of the most successful and respected wineries in America, notable for its world-class vineyards, wines, and hospitality. Cakebread Cellar’s commitment to humble beginnings and providing quality wines has made them one of the most celebrated wineries across the globe.

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