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On November 2017, Happy Living moved to a new home and opened its Tasting Room to answer every wine drinker’s needs. From timid newbies to industry professionals, curated tastings, wine classes, casual wine and food pairing sessions will be offered for sheer wine enjoyment or more progressive wine orientation.


The exclusive distributorship agreement with Beringer, the company’s flagship brand, was officially announced on February 2000.
A few months after,  French classic varietal pioneers were added, the Fortant de France and Robert Skalli. This was followed a couple of years later with the partnership with Vina Valdivieso, a prime Chilean Sparkling and Still Wine producer.




Established in 1994 by a family of wine lovers with one goal in mind: to bring quality California wine to the developing Philippine wine market.
In 2016, the company embarked on a new journey by expanding its team, portfolio and business facility. 
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Enjoy curated events with wine flights and pop-up wine sessions for every kind of wine lover.

Tasting Room

Discover your next go-to drink from a wide selection of celebrated wines