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Bienvenue en France

The Old World and the charm of its heritage is always worth coming back to. We are delighted to bring you our internationally-acclaimed winemakers and wineries from the most legendary wine country, France.

Duval Leroy


A family business that has dedicated itself to the noble craft of champagne-making since 1859.

Champagne pioneers, Duval-Leroy has always been driven by a quest for high standards and innovation in every aspect of the business, from quality, consistency and certification through to partnerships with sommeliers and chefs.

Clos des Orfeuilles


Clos des Orfeuilles is one of the jewels in the Castel Family Estates crown. The Family Estates are an expression of our expertise, our passion for terroir, and our commitment to sustainability. We have specialized in French wine since our establishment over 60 years ago. As both winemakers and wine merchants, Castel Châteaux & Grands Crus’ fine wine expertise has continually grown and evolved to the present day.

Jean-Max Roger

Located at the heart of the village of Bué, the buildings have evolved along with the development of the estate. The oldest structures date back to the early 17th century; part of the winery was once one of the village’s tithe barns.

As the surface area of vineyards increased, the buildings were expanded in order to house modern equipment. Our most recent renovation enabled us to reorganize the winery, and in particular improve conditions for receiving the grapes.

Serge Dagueneau & Filles


The Loire meanders through the sun-drenched slopes of Pouilly. Since the 5th century these slopes have been home to one of the most exquisite expressions of a vineyard; the renowned Pouilly-Fumé wine.

For more than four generations, our family has shared a common passion: working the vineyard and making wine. This passion has been passed from father to sons and now from father to daughters! We would like you to discover this passion... and to taste it.

Domaine de

Massangis, France

Domaine de Mauperthuis is a family estate created more than 20 years ago in order to perpetuate the quality tradition of the Burgundy vineyard.

The philosophy of the Estate is to make quality wines in accordance with the terroir and the environment.

de la Renardière

Jura, France

The commune of Pupillin is home to the estate and vineyards of Domaine de la Renardière. Here, vigneron Jean-Michel Petit farms and vinifies a range of red and white wines that are arguably some of the best wines in the Jura. The domaine was established in 1990 and presently encompasses 7.5 hectares of vineyards. Half of Jean-Michel’s production is devoted to red (Pinot Noir, Poulsard, Trousseau) and half to white wine (mostly chardonnay, with a bit of Savagnin).

Château de Tours

Beaujolais, France

At Château des Tours, 50 hectares of the vineyard are in Brouilly. Twenty additional hectares are nearby, in the town of Saint-Lager. Our priority is to respect nature and its biodiversity so that the terroir can reveal itself through an intense interpretation of Gamay.

La Nerthe

Châteauneuf-du-Pape, France

One of the oldest and largest estate of Châteauneuf du Pape extending over 90 ha (220 acres) around the castle. The vineyard of Château La Nerthe was born in the XIVth century when vine culture spread over the area. 

Clos des Centenaires

 Rhône Valley, France

Luc Baudet, renowned winemaker and oenologue from Costières de Nîmes has launched in 2016 a new line of wines combining his expertise of the South of the Rhône Valley region and Francois Villard’s  knowledge on the Northern Rhône vineyard to create a unique gastronomic line of wines that are reflecting their passion and commitment to the land.

As early as 1199, Prieuré de Montézargues was a fully functioning monastery. The property covers 84 acres sheltered from the Mistral winds by the Montagne Noire mountain range. The original stone monastery buildings blend seamlessly into the landscape forming a micro-terroir and the unique personality of the Montézargues estate vineyards.

Frédéric Brouca

 Rhône Valley, France

In his modest winery in the village of Laurens, Frédéric is creating a new vision for Faugères wines; fresh, vibrant and made without artifice. Nothing revolutionary, simply returning to our grandparent's ideology of farming and winemaking to craft 'Vins Vivants'. The Faugères Appellation is in the heart of Languedoc in the Hérault department. Here, winemaking dates back to the Greek times and was developed during the Roman Era.

Languedoc, France

With nearly 40 years’ of history, it would be easy to say that Boutinot wines is in the business of wine. However, that really wouldn’t be an accurate description…it’s more a case of wine is what they do – they produce, design, market, drink and occasionally even sell it - all with a passion.


Buros, France

Lionel Osmin & Co has become the sole transversal signature of the wines from the South West and their vineyards whose secrets have not all yet been uncovered. The result is a range of wines whose characteristics are faithful to our region and which are made to share the joy of discovering the vines and wines that we love so much. 


Southwest, France

Domaine Berthoumieu was founded in the 1850s by Virgile Dutour, in the town of Viella in the Gers. After several generations, Marie-Line & Didier Barré took it over in the 1990s to make it an undisputed reference for the Madiran & Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh appellations. On its 25 hectares, this property produces ambitious wines that always combine personality, identity and balance.


Sainte-Radegonde, France

Château Gantonnet dates from the 19th century, situated in Sainte Radegonde, a small village with its origins in the Middle Ages. In the Entre-deux-Mers region, 20 km from Saint-Emilion and 60 km from Bordeaux. Close to the Dordogne river, the states of 83 hectares is overlooking the village where it enjoys excellent exposure to the sun.

Croix de Labrie

Saint-Christophe-des-Bardes, France

Château Croix de Labrie is located in Saint-Emilion Grand Cru which inevitably think of Burgundy and its mosaic of plots and producers. Indeed, their vineyards cover around 5 acres in the heart of the appellation.

Axelle & Pierre Courdurié, winemakers and owners, have the passion and talent of those who, with infinite accuracy, express their wines by the depth and richness of the soils. 

Mitjavile Vineyards

Bordeaux, France

François Mitjavile who started his career at château Figeac owns 4 vineyards in different AOC’s around Bordeaux. With his daughter, Nina and his son, Loulou they share a very personal vision of wine, and winemaking. These wines have an inimitable personality  - something you cannot feel in any other Bordeaux wine - a Burgundy style - according to some wine critics.

Château Beychevelle

Bordeaux, France

Ever since it was first produced, and down through the various vintages, Château Beychevelle has reflected the elegance and finesse of Saint Julien's finest terroirs. Graceful and complex, with a tremendous aromatic richness, Château Beychevelle is made from the best plots in the vineyard and undergoes a rigorous selection process. It reveals its character after about ten years, and can be kept for several decades, depending on the vintage.

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