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Brand's Heritage

Inspired by passion, Champagne Duval-Leroy is a family business and French institution which has dedicated itself to the noble craft of champagne-making since 1859, following the union of two families. Now in its sixth generation, Duval-Leroy has overcome hazards and adversity to remain true to its honorable wish for independence, born from integrity and high standards and a source of boundless creativity.

Sustainable Farming

Duval Leroy also takes pride in several remarkable firsts in the innovation of sustainable farming. They are the first champagne house to produce a certified organic Brut champagne which is still made today. They are the first to employ oenoclimates and processes to highlight the attributes of the terroir. In addition, they have also developed the first vat room in the world to combine photovoltaic solar panels, rainwater harvesting system and a green wall for head and sound insulation.

Considered as one of the pioneers and advocates of sustainable farming, The House of Duval Leroy have achieved certifications which help maintain and uphold their desire for a sustainable future. They are the first company to use sustainable viticulture to be “High Environmental Value” (HEV) Certified. They are also the first champagne house to be ISO 9002 certified for its quality management system and the first to achieve triple IFS, BRC and ISO 22000 certification in the area of food safety.

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