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Tasting Room

Sip and chat away inside a hidden gem in Makati City


  Monday-Wednesday           11am-10pm

  Thursday-Saturday               11am-1pm   


Warehouse 16A, La Fuerza Compound

2241 Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City

Happy Living Tasting Room

Wine tasting has evolved into a captivating experience that goes beyond the mere act of sipping wines, spirits and alcoholic drinks.  It has become an art, a sensory journey that allows enthusiasts to explore the nuances of various grape varieties, vintages and winemaking techniques. Central to this experience are wine tasting facilities, which serve as a haven for aficionados and novices alike to delve into the rich world of wines.

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A Secret Rendezvous to Wine Connoisseurs

Makati abounds with wine choices but the latest secret rendezvous is tucked in the middle of bustling Chino Roces Avenue. Happy Living Philippines, the country's premier wine importer and distributor opened its “Tasting Room” and has gathered loyal devotees keen to bask in the charming intimacy of this quiet haven with their favorite vino on hand.

Happy Living facade

Happy Living boasts an impressive selection of hundreds of distinct wines sourced from across the globe. What’s more, they also became the exclusive distributor of Beringer in 2000 and added French classic varietal pioneers Fortant de France and Robert Skalli, and prime Chilean wine Vino Valdivieso, making them at the forefront of exclusive and sought-after wine offerings.


From left to right: Beringer, Fortant de France, and Valdivieso

The ambiance is tailored for an exquisite experience, featuring inviting tables and bar seating where you can indulge in the wine you purchased either by bottles or by the glass.  They have enomatic machines that can pour wines from 25-100ml and selections are replaced every three weeks, an ideal experience for the novices who are new to the world of wines.  For those looking to extend their wine collection, the store offers a vast variety of reds, whites, roses and sparklings both from the Old World and New World vineyards.  They also offer their tasting room for private events that can carry up to 25 persons, all upon reservations.


Happy Living Tasting Room interior

With Happy Living’s well-established reputation as a standout authority in the industry, they have become recognized for hosting training sessions for programs such as wine tasting masterclass that aims to deepen visitors' understanding of winemaking processes, terroir, and the art of wine pairing. They have also partnered with leading hotels and restaurants for special wine tasting events and dinner

masterclass .jpg

From crisp whites to robust reds and everything in between, Happy Living Tasting Room showcase a diverse range of wines while giving you a “winery” feel all in the heart of Makati, a secret rendezvous you should never miss. 

Tasting Room Story

An intimate set-up where you can discover a great mix of Old World and New World wine labels at friendly price points and personable customer service.

Happy Living Tasting Room

For timid newbies to industry professionals - curated tastings, wine classes, casual wine and food pairing sessions will be offered for sheer wine enjoyment or more progressive wine orientation.

Happy Living Tasting Room

Taste and discover our portfolio of wines and spirits. Grab a tasting glass at our enomatic machine before opening up a bottle or let us assist you with finding your next perfect toast


Find Us

La Fuerza Compound,Warehouse 16A,

2241 Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City.

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