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Brand's Heritage

True treasures in their own right, the Saint-Emilion Château Croix de Labrie wines are considered jewels as these wines marvel the palate and let an indelible impression. Axelle & Pierre Courdurié, winemakers and owners, have the passion and talent of those who, with infinite accuracy, express their wines by the depth and richness of the soils.

Château Croix de Labrie is located in Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, The vineyards cover around 5 acres in the heart of the appellation. They make sure to pay particular attention to the vine in order to express the maximum of the terroir. The vineyard is handled by Axelle Courdurié, as a small diamond, from pruning to the harvest, the vinification and ageing with the guidance of the team of Michel Rolland. Very mindful of detail, Axelle brings her feminine sensitivity to all of the wines from Croix de Labrie.

They work the soil, plowing and pruning in double guyot. Only the matured grapes are harvested, resulting in extremely low yields. The harvest is done manually, with small crates to avoid damaging the grapes and with limited passages to avoid damaging the grapes.

The grapes are then sorted by a vibrating table and are then manually sorted. The grapes are then go to small temperature-controlled vats. Once fermentation is complete, malolactic fermentation is made in new barrels of French oak. Once malolactic aging is completed, ageing in new barrels continue for at least 18 months after the vintage.

The Process

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