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In late 2012, Frédéric and Elaine were fortunate to take over 25 acres of old vines in Faugères, organically farmed for twenty years and deeply rooted in schist.


2013 was the inaugural vintage for Domaine Frédéric Brouca. In his modest winery in the village of Laurens, Frédéric is creating a new vision for Faugères wines; fresh, vibrant and made without artifice. Nothing revolutionary, simply returning to our grandparent's ideology of farming and winemaking to craft 'Vins Vivants'.

Natural Vinification

Being a natural winemaker, the maturity and healthiness of grapes are essential to produce fresh and clean wines. And obviously and essential, grapes have to be grown without chemicals ! At harvest time, grapes are picked two to three weeks before other wineries in the area to ensure freshness and avoid overripe flavors and high alcohol levels. Grapes are carefully hand picked and processed by gravity in the cellars in order to protect the integrity of the grapes. Whole cluster fermentation is employed for much of the harvest increasing the freshness, texture, and complexity of the wines. Our vineyards being alive, native yeasts are widely presents on the grapes allowing natural fermentation. 

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