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Living out passion for over 140 years, Beringer is considered a winemaking legacy -- unequivocally reflected in its acclaimed portfolio of fine Calfornia wines.

Brand's Heritage

Beringer’s story of dedication and success goes back to 1868. Captivated by the prospects of the new world, Jacob Beringer departed his homeland of Mainz, Germanyand set sail for the United States.Opportunity came knocking when he heard of a large stretch of land in Napa Valley, California, which reminded him of the rich valleys and rocky hillsides of the wine regions of old world Germany. Not long after, Jacob and his brother Frederick purchased 215 acres of land, establishing Beringer as one of the key players among the wineries in operation at that time. Since then, Beringer has carefully cultivated a diverse portfolio of prized vineyards across many Napa Valley appellations.

Today, Beringer is known for establishing many 'firsts' as frontrunners global wine industry. It is one of the first gravity fed facilities and among the first to operate using hand-dug caves and cellars. It was also the first to give public tours in 1934, starting a Napa Valley hospitality tradition. And Beringer is proudly the first and only winery to have both a red and a white wine named #1 Wine of the Year by Wine Spectator Magazine.

Sustainable Craftsmanship

Beringer also takes great pride of their sustainable farming practices that aid in the cultivation and creation of their renowned wines, ensuring the wellbeing of the land, animals, and people. Before sustainable farming became a growing trend in the industry, Beringer already had sustainable practices in place, with their various vineyards certified sustainable by third parties.

Today, Beringer is not just another fancy wine label on a bottle. With its continued effort to improve and enhance the art of winemaking, Beringer has unceasingly pursued the balance between modern technology and time-tested practices, resulting to great-tasting world-class wines.

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