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A Privilege of Place

Caring for this place is a privilege not taken lightly. Since the beginning, every thought and action has put the land first — starting with planting small vineyard blocks in sync with the undulating landscape, while preserving 100 acres of natural woodland. Organic farming practices are used to promote a balanced ecosystem full of life on the estate. The winery, too, is designed to fit into the contours of the hillside, using gravity to gently bring grapes into the cellar. Today, our commitment to caring for this land remains at the center of everything we do.


A Pure Expression of the Estate

A wine estate is a commitment to longetivity, the physical embodiment of a promise made to the land. More than thirty years ago, Agustin and Valeria Huneeus vowed to honor the integrity of this extraordinary property they named Quintessa, a mosaic of hills and valleys in eastern Rutherford bounded by the Vaca Mountains and the Napa River. To preserve its arcadian beauty and farm it gently. And, above all, to guide its natural diversity into a singular wine.

Today, this landscape rises and falls with small vineyard blocks set amidst abundant vegetation and 100 acres of woodlands, including stands of majestic blue and valley oaks. Dragon’s Lake is home to populations of fish and waterfowl, while corridors of insectaries and native plants attract pollinators and the occasional fox. Over time, we’ve gained a more intimate understanding of our subterranean world as well. Its ancient geologies and range of soils, from the white volcanic ash of the eastern hills to the silty loam of the bench, converge to reveal themselves in a wine of elegance and harmony—a true reflection of the estate.

Upholding our responsibility to the estate requires discipline, reverence, rigor, patience, intuition, teamwork—and sometimes also nerve. Years that test us, such as the disruptions of 2020, remind us that our dedication to Quintessa is unshakeable. With a new story to tell each vintage, we remain faithful and consistent interpreters, every year a distillation and emblem of this idyllic and resilient place.

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