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The Dr. Bürklin-Wolf Estate in Wachenheim at Weinstrasse is one of the largest and most important family-owned wineries in Germany, with tradition dating back to 1597. The total vineyard area amasses to 85 hectares – a treasure trove of top-rated vineyard sites in the unique landscape of the Mittelhaardt district. 

The Appelations

Carefully protected home of our most valuable wines

We use the term appellations to describe the origins of our Rieslings, reserved and protected for our most valuable wines. In a deeper sense, these sites are much more, they represent the totality of all influencing factors of a specific site that are manifested in the wine itself. This includes not only the geological and climatic factors affecting growth, but indeed all aspects, the entire microcosm. Riesling as a variety is unique in its ability to allow us to show the essence of the terroir in each wine. Amongst the tools we use to ensure these specific characteristics of our wines are the biodynamic methods we implemented in our vineyards.

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