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Brand's Heritage

With roots dating back to 1886, Freemark Abbey was among the first of the original 16 Napa Valley wineries. Back in the days it was known as the “Tychson Cellars”, and was the first winery to be built and operated by a woman, Josephine Tychson. Today, this historical site is better known as Freemark Abbey. Over the last century-and-a-half, Freemark Abbey has pioneered the California wine industry and become a beacon of enduring quality and tradition. 

World-class Wine

Located in the renowned sections of Napa Valley, their vineyards were carefully planted with the varietals best suited to the individual soils and microclimates. The result is fruit of excellent quality and superb varietal character. And with winemaker Ted Edwards, who brings over 30 years of experience working with this exceptional fruit, uses a classical approach and training to craft some of the finest and notable wines in Napa.


Over the years, Freemark Abbey has been praised and recognized for their wines. One of the most historical and significant events was the 1976 Paris Wine Tasting. Freemark Abbey was one of the twelve one of twelve U.S. wineries chosen to compete in “The Judgment of Paris” blind tasting, and it is the only winery with a red and white wine represented. Numerous praises have also been made for their Napa Valley Cabernet Bosche, with accolades from Wine Spectator describing the 1898 vintage as “The truest embodiment of Rutherford-style Cabernet.”

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