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Authentic Expression of Sicily

The Mandrarossa wines are created from the project of land mapping, selection of the vineyards and cultivars that express the finest aspects of the Menfi and Terre Sicane territory. This strip of land, on the south-western coast of Sicily, has the ideal microclimatic conditions for viticulture: intense sunlight, sea breezes, mild temperatures, multiple elevations and exposures to different types of soils, among which the limestone ones with the highest potential.

The passion and care with which the small group of winegrowers together with the agronomists, cultivates their own vineyard following the natural seasonal rhythms, contributes to guaranteeing the high-quality level of the grapes.

The knowledgeable work of the oenologists, preserving the grapes’ integrity, enhances the great energy and vitality expressed by the wines. Balance, elegance and unique aromas strengthen the bond between the wines and the territory of origin, and tell the story of a new and diverse Sicilian wine reality.

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