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Founder and wine aging pioneer Ramón Bilbao would have been delighted with the winery's excellent brand awareness nowadays, which is the result of the strategy developed by Zamora Company -a heavyweight in the drinks business with brands such as Licor 43- since its takeover in 1999. As well as launching a new range of modern red wines and updating its traditional bottlings, the Haro-based winery, a standard bearer for good value, has built a small winery empire which includes Mar de Frades (Rías Baixas), Cruz de Alba (Ribera del Duero) and Ramón Bilbao Rueda.

The Vineyard

In Rioja, we have 205 ha of or own vineyards, over 40 years old. They are located at singular sites around the D.O.Ca and they stand out for their altitude as well as their proximity to the mountainsides.

Ramon Bilbao_Wineyard_edited.jpg
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