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René Barbier, descendent of a renowned family of French winemakers came to the Priorat when the wines of the area were completely unknown. He was the first of a group of pioneers who made the New Priorats and has worked successfully towards recovering the region’s unique terroir.



Born in Tarragona in 1950, and descended from a family of French winegrowers since 1200, he has dedicated his whole life to the world of wine, just like his ancestors. He has trained at the most prestigious wine schools in Bordeaux, Burgundy and Limoux, and has also worked in such prestigious wineries as Moueix, winemakers, among others of Petrus. His experience in the world of wine extends from viticulture to commercial, obviously through the production of his own wines. In 1979 he acquired his first estate in the Priorat, and began vinifying his first wine in this area: Clos Mogador. Later Nelin, Manyetes and Espectacle del Montsant.

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