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The history of Silvio Nardi winery is linked to the history of Brunello di Montalcino. Everything started in the fifties, when Silvio Nardi - owner in Altotevere Umbro of one of the first not only Italian companies of agricultural machinery, founded in 1895 - bought the estate of Casale del Bosco in Montalcino. The first "foreigner" to invest in the wine sector in Montalcino, still an unknown country, Silvio Nardi baptizes the first bottle of Brunello from the cellars of Casale del Bosco. Today Tenute Silvio Nardi boasts 36 vineyards in an intact and biologically natural habitat, which is indispensable for the enhancement of each individual terroir.

From the vine to the wine

The vineyards of Tenute Silvio Nardi extend east and west of Montalcino in a primarily hilly area that ranges between a height of 140 metres and 480 metres above sea level.

The soils are generally composed of clayey substrates with sandy and muddy intercalations. On the terraces near Casale del Bosco, which are probably of fluvial and tectonic origin, there are shallow but cool bare soils over jasper. In the area of Manachiara the soils lay on top of clays and siltstone-marl with calcareous intercalations and sands rich in quartz. The lands are not very deep but are well-structured with medium inclines and weak erosion.

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