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Brand's Heritage

In the early 1980’s, based on the reputation and experience gained throughout the production of sparkling wines and complemented with a new drive and a vigorous entrepreneurial vision, Viña Valdivieso started the still wines project.  Still wine production was never before at a larger scale, but the idea was encouraged since the very beginnings of the company. In a short time these wines acquired great reputation up to the point were in Santiago during the beginning of the last century, having Valdivieso’s wines would strongly determine the status of the host. This fact not only sets the still wines project off, but also determined the guiding principles of the winery: to produce distinctive wines, and to establish a new concept for excellence and quality. 

World-class Wine

In a first stage, by taking advantage of the opportunities and the existing challenges in the market, the company destined all its production to exports. During this period, Viña Valdivieso accomplished  a privileged position in important markets, especially in England, where the company has become one of the most important Chilean wine brands.

After succeeding in markets abroad, towards the end of the 1990’s, Viña Valdivieso finally entered the Chilean market. This time, preceded by a well-recognized fame and high prestige, supported by many important international awards and by the successful development of the brand in different countries.

It has established itself as the leader of the category in the domestic and South American market, lately expanding its borders to European and Asian. After a century since its founding, the commercial production of wines begins in the Lontué winery in the Curicó Valley, which has gained worldwide.

Today, a hundred years later, Valdivieso continues to be the leader in the category delivering quality products, having the most varied portfolio in Latin America.

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