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History of Yangarra Estate

Yangarra has continued to evolve since 1862. The wines of Yangarra Estate have steadily gained respect and critical acclaim.


Over the last two decades, Yangarra Estate and its wines have steadily gained respect and acclaim within and beyond Australia. Though maintaining a progressive trajectory towards the future, Yangarra continues to take inspiration from its earlier days, grateful for visionaries like Smart and Jackson who endowed custodianship of this prized land and history.


The winemaking philosophy centers around the estate.

With an uncompromising attention to detail in the vineyard, the same approach follows through in the winery. A sensitive and gentle hand in the winemaking, constant observation and knowing “when not to” and “when to” are key pillars aimed solely at preserving the natural characters that originate from our distinctive vineyard.

We draw inspiration upon the tried and tested techniques of old, such as wild fermentation, basket pressing, amphoras, ceramic eggs and large format oak foudre.

We aim to make a classic and timeless style of wine, remaining true to varietal character and recognizable to admirers of other global benchmarks.

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